We have very Flxible Terms and Conditions for Project Executions. These are we enlist by a contract with clients

Terms & Condition of Proposal: Once we generate Lead We contact Clients over call, SMS, Whatsapp, or Email. They reply and take details of service if they are interested they ask for a proposal, so we only provide basic site analysis, not more than that. if that lead convert into prospect then we share whole 360 site analysis reports with guidelines.

Terms & Condition of Action Plan: We Provide Action Plan after an Email Confirmation from Clients, That is the assurance that We close the deal and our company will execute the Works for The Clients Company. We send them a plan for Review and As per Their Requirements We also Make Modifications on Plan, Request Changes Limit is 3 Time.

Terms & Condition of Agreement: We always prefer to start works after a Work agreement between Clients or Company and Us (Call Digital FIre LLP), but sometimes it may be any trial project or clients need time to confirm after a certain time to make an agreement (Certain time period in 3 Months), Agreement Duration will be 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months & 12 months Basis. Both parties will verify with corporate legal points if need both can claim compensation if points are not follow as per the Digital Act or Guideline.  

Terms & Condition of Payment: Payments depend on the volume of Work and duration of Projects. Mostly We Start Working with 40% or 50% Advance Amount, but Some time for the trial we Work on Postpaid Basis. Also If we work on Commission Model then We also Cost Clients after execution means Postpaid Bill.

Terms & Condition of Refund: If We Unable to Meet Clients Criteria Within Deadline, Skip any Work which is Listed in Work Scope, Deadline Crossed from Our End for Our Drawbacks, Lack of Resources, We Refund Our Effort Charges 100%.

If it Happens From Clients end Like Login Credentials Not Provided, Delayed Reply, Not Communicate on Time or Properly, Not Clear on Requirements, More than 5 Time Request Changes on Same Design or Developments, Sudden Information Updates, Sudden Action Plan Changes In these Matter We will Not Refund any Money to Client. 

Terms & Condition of Reporting: We Have System to Make Report Time to time. It depends on Clients Requirements, Budget, Duration. We Can provide Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reporting. For Daily Clients, It Should Be Minimum Daily Rs.2,000 Calculation. The rest of the Clients can get Weekly and Monthly Reporting. Any Extra Presentation or Out of Scope Reporting will be Chargeable.

Terms & Condition of Renewal: We approach clients or Clients approach us after the agreement timing, also clients can ask to Extend the agreement at any time. If we find the clients problematic such as not paying money on time, Bad Behaviours, excessive demanding but not paying for that we will not renew that contract also We not refund the amount. Also if clients find any problem from our end, such as not deliver on time, executive behavior not good, no proper client communication, not deliver results, that can calm money and reject that contract.