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5 Best Content Writing Tool For Digital Marketing Professionals

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Digital marketing and content go hand in hand for better ranking, high conversion rates, and low bounce rates.

To craft engaging, readable, and unique content, a writer needs creativity, knowledge, experience, marketing skills, and above all some over-the-top content writing tools.

If you’re a digital marketer, content writer, or anyone else looking to try hands in the content, here are the 5 best content writing tools for you.

5 Tools Below

“ Do you know priority base keyword research for your business is important, but most important is to segment the content writing basis on keyword priority, basis on calculation, if you write and market standard 7 ti 8 content ( around 500 to 800 words ) monthly basis, you will see keyword ranking on 1st page in 3 months time.” 


No one can beat this tool in simplicity. One of the finest tools available in the market, Grammarly helps you in correcting the content. It checks grammar, punctuation, readability, engagement, uniqueness, tone, and much more.

It is available in free as well as paid versions. The free version is good enough for a beginner but it's highly recommended to use Grammarly Premium if you are looking for some more.

You can download Grammarly for windows and IOS based systems and it works everywhere on your computer. It's Google Chrome extension is also available.


Getting a content idea is the toughest work for any digital marketer. AnswerThePublic is a keyword tool that visualizes search engine trends in five categories like Can, Are, How, Which, and Will.

Just put the domain name, keyword, or any relevant words and this awesome tool brings various trends onto your screen.

You get a better idea about trending topics and that further increases the quality of your content.


How can we miss BuzzSumo? There are many alternatives like Ahrefs, Social Animal, SEMrush, Content Studio, and more, but BuzzSumo exceeds digital marketer’s expectations by a large margin.

Search most debated topics online or looks for highly searched social media engagements, it is a go-to tool for various works. It provides content search, influencer search, and much more for all.

Getting the right keywords for blogs, pages, social media posts, etc is important. BuzzSumo gives the option to look for keywords for Google, YouTube, Twitter, PlayStore, eBay, Amazon, and More. Use the tools and general keywords for your site.

Google Docs

Writing is the main component of content writing and the writing tools should always be best. Google docs provide automatic content save features along with multiple formatting options, tools, add-ons, views, etc.

Above that, more people can work within a single doc simultaneously. Sharing the docs with various permissions is also easy. Away from your workstation? The mobile app of Google docs is also available for on-the-go working, editing, and more.


Plagiarism is not only a crime but also a very harmful thing for your site. All your work goes into vain when the content is not unique.

Turnitin is by far the best plagiarism checker for digital marketers. It checks thousands of pages and shows plagiarism percentages in front of you.


Got some good content writing tools? Now, it's time to make use of it to get to know more about them. Use them and you’ll see the visible change in quality. Happy writing.


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