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Points To Consider While Doing Voice Search Optimization Of the Content

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

People’s preferences have changed over the years concerning online search. We might witness the time when text search will be obsolete and voice search will be normal.

People have already started using voice searches via their tablets, smartphones, voice assistant tools, and more.

As a business, do you wish to take a lead into voice search? If yes, you are on the right page. Let's jump in to explore 10 proven ways of voice search optimisation. 

Do Google My Business Listing

What! You haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing? Bad, business acumen. Do it today with additional information like industry type, business hours, address, and more. It works like magic for voice searches.

Develop Scannable Content

People are using mobile devices more often to access online resources. It's your time to work on making content scannable, readable, and engaging with better sentences, simple paragraphs, and high-quality infographics.

These works help search engines to bring your site on top irrespective of the searching method.

Get Into The Details Of User Guides

Voice search is not new, so surely, not everyone is well-updated into that. What's the way out? Read voice search user guides for Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, Amazon, and more to get the basics.

The reading will give a sneak peek into the voice search functionality that you may use to better optimize your content for voice search.

Keywords Are The King

Whether it's text search or voice, no one can deny the importance of keywords. So which types of keywords, a business should target? The answer is:- Long tail keyword. Customers are looking for more precise information. Instead of typing “Shoes Online”, they prefer “type of shoes> shoes online” and so on.

When a business focuses on long-tail keywords, it increases search engine ranking besides conversion rate.

Get Insights Into People’s Voice Search Behaviour

Is it difficult to know the trends in voice search? No. Just start using Siri, Cortana, OK Google, and any other voice assistants by yourself. You’ll get to know how it works.

Invest some time on Google to read more about voice search and collect related data. Make use of those insights and data to craft the best strategies for voice search optimization.

Work More On Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQs are a great way to make both customers and search engines happy. Try to club common questions relevant to your business and make FAQs for every web page.

Please note; don’t focus on anything other than customers while working on FAQs and their answers. Only keep the customer in mind and frame natural questions and their answers.

It also fulfils Google’s rich snippet requirements, giving your site an edge over others.


Voice search is more like another way to serve your audience. Put yourself into the customer's shoes and start working on optimizing the content for voice searches.


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