The Most Trending B2B Lead Generation Tool Online 2022

Businesses need growth to expand their core objectives and increase their bottom line. Lead generation is the bloodstream of enterprises to identify and attract potential clients. The tools help in identifying high-value leads to convert into valuable clients.

Lead Generation and its importance for businesses?

A lead means a buying interest in the product or services of the organization. The activities involved in lead generation are part of the business' sales strategy. Unfortunately, many people misinterpret marketing strategy on target customers.

What are some of the most common lead generation methods?

B2B companies rely on lead generation compared to word-of-mouth marketing. It improves businesses' growth, which means using resources helps nurture leads. Yet, 61% of marketers consider generating leads the biggest challenge. Companies can overcome challenges by applying strategies for lead generation. Nowadays, brands use a modern approach for lead generation, such as.

SEO-based blogging helps to increase site traffic with product awareness. It also helps in generating potential leads. B2B websites contain user intent keywords in their blogs for marketing. That will help in collecting organic traffic via search engine optimization. Two main types of user intent include knowledge base and contact to buy. The search engine algorithm helps in identifying each goal and creating leads.

To understand customers' personas, viz, behavior, demographics, and pain points of the customers.

Content Marketing is another lead generation tool for B2B brands. It gives the freedom to define the target audience. Interviews with industry leaders create a sense of trust in the market. They make an interest in the content that helps convert leads.

PR strategies play a broader role than spraying the news. It fixes goals and publishing partners to get the prospective audience & customers. Different ways they use include multimedia press releases, storytelling, videos, and images. With the suitable CTA & SEO, it adds value in generating leads.

Social media is a massive lead generation tool for connecting and brand awareness. It includes various channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. For example, among all LinkedIn ads, it generates the highest leads, i.e., 94%.

Emails are the oldest and most trusted online lead-generating tool for B2B marketing. To avoid bombarding the mailbox, the company can apply list segmentation. Segment the email list according to the individual with the target message.

Establish the outreach channel for a visible presence via all online platforms. It drives more traffic to the website and expands brand awareness.

What are the benefits of using lead generation tools?

Lead Generation ensures the right customer match with the brand. Various lead generation benefits include:

Target suited customers: Businesses target the niche market by focusing on the resources. That will be cost-effective and can increase ROI.

Spread brand awareness: Lead Generation helps attract customers' attention to the brand's existence. Besides, it allows companies to flaunt the features & qualities of products or services.

Brand Loyalty: Brands build a circle of like-minded customers and out-turn customer loyalty.

Provide valuable market information: Marketing information like the customer's wants, needs, and preferences. This information helps in assisting the improvisations of the products.

How can a business identify potential customers using a lead generation tool?

A person who expresses an interest in the company's product or services is not in a rush for the deal is a hot lead. Instead, they are the people who want to receive more brand information. One who fills up the contact form to know more about products or services can be a hot lead.

What are some of the best practices for using a lead generation tool?

Nowadays, digital marketing sets the benchmark in the competitive market. Online brand interaction is the demand of the hour. One can use a few lead-generating tools to stand out to get more leads with high conversion rates.

Top B2B Lead Generation Tool 2022
Top B2B Lead Generation Tool 2022

Contactout Chrome Extension

One of the trending and the best b2b lead generation tools. This is a chrome extension which is the excellent way to generate qualified leads, it works as a LinkedIn addon or tool, which can be found right on the top after installing the extension tool. You can find anyone’s email and phone number, contactout has more than one billion emails. Trusted by 400k users from 76 of fortune 500 companies. Connect instantly via email and mobile phones. It’s a free chrome extension.


This tool provides information about the visitors to the company's website. It helps in leveling up the game of lead generation by prioritizing them. After collecting leads, push the client information to the CRM without a contact form. LeadFeeder Software needs to link with Google Analytics for the best results.


A popular lead-generating tool that pulls LinkedIn member contact information and emails. The software needs to get hooked with the LinkedIn profile to extract leads. It also removes the leads from the Company's Website via its features like domain search. Finally, it pulls the lead from the platform and pushes them to the in-app directory segment.


It is a powerful B2B lead generation tool that offers sales funnels. The website-building tools to market strategies, sell, and online market deliverables. ClickFunnels is the easiest way to insert landing pages, drag-and-drop, and marketing automation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

A great lead-generation tool to build and maintain LinkedIn prospects and sales funnels. Its advanced feature helps in discovering ideal customers and guides in taking action.

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