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How to generate qualified leads for your business?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

This November 2021, almost end of this year. We are talking about lead generation for a business. Frankly speaking now a days every other person defines and claims themselves as a digital marketer. Now due to many video tutorials (e.g you tube), workshops and events are shared about business growth, online marketing, and lead generation, people try with google automatic campaign, Facebook self-explanatory lead generation campaign, bulk WhatsApp shooting, bulk email sending, and many other group promotion. It means people know where to go and how to get leads, but what they don't know is how to check metrics.

Investing money on any social or online medium to generate leads is not enough, to understand the effectiveness of the medium, You have to understand the behavior and post-analysis of money to determine which is the important medium to continue investment along with cross checking the quality of leads after interaction with all the inquiries. Identify the leads as hot, warm, and cold from the information exchange > follow up times > meeting and > prospect or conversion.

“To generate leads you have to understand and identify the market - B2C and B2B. once you understand and prepare marketing objective like Location, demographic, duration and network”

There are multiple ways to generate leads for your b2c and b2b business. I am explaining all details by points below. Effective Lead Generation Process

Effective Lead Generation Process

  1. Contact a lead generation expert or company: Contacting and placing your lead generation project to a company is the safest option, where they will take care of everything from graphic design, content, ad copy writing to ad creation and tracking to give you a complete analysis report.

  2. Use Google ads: Using google ads is also an effective method to generate leads for your business, but make sure you are starting with niche keyword research and prepare keyword type base ad groups and match the keyword with 3 sequence keywords, ad copy, and landing page content. Then after a minimum, 2 months of search ads growth you can start with a google display campaign which will cost you more than search ads but can give you more leads. Square, leaderboard, and half-page type display banners are most popular and accept or fit all types of website ad formate.

  3. Social Media Marketing: Now it's very important to choose the social media channel to generate leads based on your targeted industry whether it is B2C or B2B. if your channel is B2B then your social media marketing channel should be LinkedIn, Twitter, Email marketing, Pinterest, and classified ads. If your industry is B2C then your channel should be Facebook / Meta, Instagram, Bulk Whatsapp, Forum posting, commenting. But Google is the common medium for advertising your b2c and b2b industry.

  4. Lead Aggregator website: When we are talking about classifieds or lead aggregator websites which will give us huge benefits and connect us with thousands of other prospects, also it will give us massive online visibility. I know personally, an online website where you can find the most popular web development and digital marketing agencies for MQL ( Marketing qualified leads) leads, so once you land you can find the lots of listings, find companies as per your requirement peoples review, see all the details. I am sure here you can review and search all the best Lead Generation Companies, now you can decide which company is best for you to give you best services.

I believe that above mention all the points can help you a bit, to understand the importance of lead generation and also give some idea how you can find lead generation medium or where to contact with other prospect and create your online visibility. My name is Narayan Shukla, and I am representing call digital fire company. I am a professional digital marketing consultant, I provide services like SEO, social media advertising, search engine ads, email campaign, branding, and lead generation with analytics analysis. If you feel you need any of the mentioned services you can connect me here ( on Instagram.


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