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What is Social bookmarking? Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites in 2022

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Every people is looking for the first position on google search engine or other search engines, but more than 90% of people are always trying to find shortcuts or wrong methods to reach the top position of search engine. Before anything to conclude you have to understand the algorithm or the process of rank distribution by google's / SE system.

Reputation: In traditional marketing or digital marketing it's an eternal truth to build a reputation to increase your authority to step into the ranking parameter, then you have to build a link wheel to reach the top position of the Search engine.

The question is how to build a reputation? how to create a link wheel?

In SEO it is a must to check those websites where you want to link your website/ domain. As you want to build your authority or ranking you have to associate those online reputed websites which will pass you that amount of value to your domain.

First Step of SEO off Page after on-page optimization

“After completing your onpage seo optimisarion, you can start with SEO off page. Here most important part of building quality links are posting your site with small content on social bookmarking sites, these types of website work as both seo off page and social media tyeps of sites, but the difference is here most people are not coming to communicate but post lots of links with unique cotent, also it passes value to your site with qualified backlinks after approval.” 

Top 10 Social Bookmarking sites in 2022 :

#1 Pinterest - Mainly known for image and video sharing but now a days Pinterest will give you huge value in terms of ranking on Google or another search engines. Putting organized board and niche pin with accurate keyword base content and image or video can give fast keyword raking.

#2 Reddit - This is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites, famous all over the world. Reddit is an American social media platform, which has a 1.8 billion user base. Here you can share images, links, or websites and also here you participate in any group or community or create one. This medium is famous because here people can get the latest updates or breaking news.

#3 Scoop. it - This is another most popular social bookmarking site. This can help you to market your content, which means it provides a content curation service. This website has both options free and paid. The free option will give you one social media connect and 50 content curation and paid option will give you unlimited content marketing options.

#4 Tumblr - This is another world's most popular website. This site is founded by David Karp in the year 2007. This website works both ways like you can utilize this website as a web 2.0 or microblog or post your image, link, or stories from time to time to get strong backlinks.

#5 Folkd - This is another top social bookmarking site. here you can post links or web pages for promotion. It allows you to vote on stories posts, also it allows you to share posts on Twitter and other social platforms.

#6 Pocket - This website has 32 million users with saving for later features. You can post or promote your web pages here with an auto content fetch facility. This website has free and paid options.

#7 Medium - Another most famous platform with a 25 million user base. this website is worldwide famous. this website is also working like Tumblr both ways web 2.0 and SBM ( social bookmarking). this website can pass the very good value to websites.

#8 Digg - this website is also trending, this website was founded in the year of 2004. Here you can post, images, videos, links. This website is a niche in science and news-related topics.

#9 Delicious - Another popular social bookmarking site, here you can post and share social topics. Also, you can find related topics to share on social media.

#10 Quora - This is the most popular website for Q A but also you can share your topics or answer here in different ways. You can build your huge audience here. Now also you can build your own space and later after popularity can earn money by monetizing it.

“Above all the wesites are reputed with high domain authority and page authority. You can use it even on the year of 2022”

These all activities are giving you the platform to share your voice through content. So use this platform wisely. Don't do spam work, share relevant and niche topics, share on social media and build your audience. Now you are ready to build high-quality backlinks for search engine ranking.

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